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This Community is dedicated to the vocalist of the Jrock band Dir en grey,
Kyo. There isn't much I can say at the moment, but yeah, this community
is here for fans of him, his lyrics, and/or Dir en grey. Oh, one thing. PLEASE
keep the rumors or gossip to a minimum! Because honestly, I despise them.
Thankyou. :D

This community is owned/moderated by;



★Please make your posts Kyo or Dir en grey related. I didn't make this
community for any other band or vocalist. JUST KYO...and of course Diru.

★You may share Wallpapers and graphics here. But please, use LJ cuts.
Thank you. :D

★I will allow spamming. But, just for the simple fact that I do it myself
also. ^^;;;;. but yeah, it's ok. Just remember! LJ cuts!

★Like I said before, keep rumors to a minimum! And I mean, MINIMUM as in
none at all if possible! >)

★Ask questions if needed. Remember, There are no stupid questions.

★And finally, have fun! 8D


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If anyone would like to affiliate their community please let me know.

LINK [US]...

If you would like to make any banners, you are more
than welcome to do so. You can post them in an entry if you would like.