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A little [moral] advice...

So, I've been into Dir en grey for 5 years now and to sum it up they mean a lot to me. I'm getting a new tattoo soon for my b-day and I had a few ideas in mind but need some extra help with images!

I'm planning on getting lyrics from the Fatal Believer on my fore arm, it would say:

I've been tainted
You are stunning
and I just want you
(in Japanese) Hone no zui made aishite kure

but I want an image to go with it. I've been trying to find an amazing current picture of Kyo maybe singing or something, that I could easily design into a flowing tattoo. Or maybe I just want those crows on that back of the new album. I can't decide what. So, what are your thoughts? Have any amazing pictures of Kyo that you'd think would work well that I could take into consideration? Thanks!
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