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OHNOES, another fangirl!

Newbie post! ^^V

As if my username, icon, and the fact that I'm here weren't a dead giveaway, I am a raging Diruholic. I saw them LIVE on the FVT tour, one week ago today, Saratoga NY. And yes, you better believe I shelled out 20 bucks for a CD and a matched set of five squee-inducing handshakes. My ignorant fellow Americans aside (They just don't understand the genius!), the show was AWESOME. I have only 2 complaints:

1) Not long enough. Not NEARLY long enough.

2) They didn't play "Kodou".

They did, however, play "Dead Tree" and "Merciless Cult", and that pretty much makes up for it. And Kyo ripped his shirt off. That DEFINITELY makes up for it.

So ever since the concert, I've been obsessively hunting around youtube for any and all things DEG-related. I was stunned and a tad confused when I stumbled over the whole "OHNOES, there's something wrong with Kyo's voice!" controversy, because he sounded fine to me! (I was more worried about him hurting himself with all the jumping around he was doing onstage. ^_^;;;) Personally, I believe the uproar is a sidebar to the "OHNOES, they sound different!" and the "OHNOES, they're not a visual kei band anymore!" controversies, and any actual change in Kyo's sound has a lot to do with the evolving style of their music. If anything, DEG's music is MORE intense than it used to be. Hell, if those were my words, I'd be too emotional to sing properly and start screaming, too! As long as Kyo can hit the high notes on "Dead Tree" (And boy, can he!), I won't worry about the status of his voice.

What I do worry about where Kyo is concerned has more to do with how intense and how brilliant he is. Constantly pushing himself, literally destroying himself onstage, beating himself with the microphone, and GOD, those LYRICS!!! He's one of those people who is so unbelieveably talented that he has the potential to burn himself out long before his time. But I really really hope he doesn't because then I'll be sad, and nobody likes sad fangirls. ;_;

Wow...this turned into less an intro and more a dissertation. O_o

I'll close by saying that I've just begun work on a Kyo cosplay. This morning I bought a blond wig.

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